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  • What is the TRUProteins?

  • TRUProteins is an innovative nutritional products company, inspired by health and wellness. Our dedication to nourishment is shown through our intimate knowledge of every component of our formulas. The attention to detail is present down to every ingredient, allowing the quality of our products to be unmatched.
    The Supplement industry is full of fake flavors and junky formula. TRUProteins takes an artisan approach to these issues, and produces each product in micro batches to ensure higher quality. When you strip away the bad stuff and replenish it with all natural, whole food and high quality ingredients you get unmatched taste, textures and nutritional levels.

  • Why would I want to use a protein Supplement?

  • When you think about protein supplements the first thing that probably pops into your head are images of bodybuilders with bulging muscles. And while, yeah, it’s true that protein is crucial for gains and muscle composition it’s important to understand that protein is essential for mere mortals as well.
    Protein boosts metabolism, increases energy, and keeps you full longer which helps curb those midnight cravings. If you have a workout routine it’s important to have a healthy intake of protein, as it can help your muscles recover. When you workout your muscles break down- developing miniature tears (feel the burn!). Protein helps rebuild them into leaner muscle masses, burning fat along the way.
    And TRUProteins isn’t just for gym lovers. Our vegetarian and vegan friends rely on our plant-based proteins to supplement their diets. Our tasty formulas are the ultimate addition to a plant-based lifestyle.

  • What is “grass fed whey” and why does it matter?

  • At TRUProteins we believe in conscious consumption. This means maintaining a connection to how your food is processed, and what your food eats. If our cows were exposed to chemical toxins, those toxins could be passed along to you. Lots of cows, especially in the U.S, are held in confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s). We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want to live in dirty conditions shoved next to other animals, piles of feed, feces and even dead animals. CAFO cows are fed grains, which seems fine when you picture a human diet right? But cows aren’t like us and they can’t digest these grains. They get sick when they try, resulting in the use of antibiotics. We don’t see the point in sourcing whey from sick cows. Our whey comes from Australian cows that are grass fed year-round. Australia has strict regulations on how cattle is raised which translates into higher quality whey, plus the added benefit of knowing that our cows are exactly where they belong; outside.

  • Is our whey a complete protein?

  • Our native whey has a complete amino acid profile and contains many milk co-factors. This means we’re using whey with higher levels of amino acids than most of our competition.

  • What is Native Whey?

  • Most whey is created as a byproduct of the cheese-making process; however, TRUProteins’ NutraWhey is not. Our cows are grazed and milked specifically for the production of the whey used in our formula. The native whey found in our formulas is derived from minimal processing, ensuring that the fragile protein components that are available in raw milk are not damaged. Over processing can strip components like Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin and Serum Albumin away from the finished product. These components are crucial immune boosters, and assist in regenerative processes as well as Glutathione production.

  • How do I know that TRUProteins is such a high quality and clean product?

  • We don’t mess around with our quality. TRUProteins sends a representative sample of every single production batch to a third party lab. They test our stuff for strength, purity and composition to make sure that you are getting the cleanest product possible.